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Here are some common questions about Horizon ICO

What is Horizon Communications?

Horizon is a cutting-edge communications company that will focus on providing wireless internet, Voice over IP, IPTV, and cellular services throughout the Caribbean.

Where is Horizon located?

Horizon will be headquartered in Bermuda where we will focus our initial service launch.  From there we will target expansion to the British Virgin Islands.  Our road map targets 2019 for expanding service offerings in established footprints to include cellular service, government contracts, vehicles, and more.  Additionally, we will start to expand our basic service offerings to other countries with a strong potential to move into Central and South American by end of 2019.

What are your advantages compared to other Telecommunications companies?

Wireless technology has many advantages when compared to companies that provides services over copper lines.   We are able to provide faster, more reliable connections using equipment and infrastructure that is more resilient to corrosion and wind damage.  This same equipment is already designed to offer faster speeds with minimal costs to upgrade as new technology is available. Another area our technology saves costs is in reduced manpower needed to maintain infrastructure and services. All of these things translate to higher…

How will customers be billed using blockchain?

Customers will be able to review their bill in USD and the current equivalent in crypto when their bill is due. We will have a calculator on the customer portal that allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency (at a discount) or pay with regular Fiat.

How do I report a security issue?

Please email [email protected]

Why this project needs Blockchain Technology?

Crowdfunding, through blockchain technology, allows the average person to own a piece in a growing industry, as well as a potentially very successful company. We will be providing VPN and decentralized data storage for our customers. We also be accepting cryptocurrency for payment and paying our employees with cryptocurrency as well. Horizon is fully committed to using blockchain technology for its many benefits.

How will Horizon tokens be utilized?

HRZN Token will be the only method of payment for services. Horizon will build a payment integration with our exchange partners to do fiat / credit cardconversions for customers, to ensure a seamless and easy payment for customers. Token Buyers will benefit by the underpinning of the token for its various utility features and the payment of services for Horizon services for telecommunications. Tokens will enable customers to buy services at a discount as well as access some services that…

So it's like a Gold status? You get better stuff and deals using the token?

Correct you'll get access to services that would otherwise not be available. We're going to have a full data center in a very well secured building that is offshore, many Financial companies find a lot of value in such data centers if they need off-site storage but cannot be in the United States or Europe.

How do you plan on paying dividends?

When it comes to dividends will be paying quarterly to the ERC20 address, in Ethereum.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts Horizon will raise?

Horizon intends to raise at least 3,000 ETH with a maximum Hardcap of 100,000 ETH. If we reach our maximum cap we intend to accelerate the roll out of our services in multiple countries as well as launch cell phone service earlier than previously planned in our roadmap.

How can you ensure that you will continue to work on Horizon after the token sale?

First, we are under a strong and strict regulatory environment in the country of Bermuda. This provides a legal incentive to make sure we provide the best level of service to both our token buyers and our customers. Second, Team tokens will be locked in an unchangeable smart contract. This is significantly longer than average and is intended to allow us to attract and retain top talent who are committed to the long term growth of the company. Third, the…

Are Tokens transferable? Where are Tokens traded?

We are in conversations with several large token exchanges to be listed on their site. These conversations are ongoing and will rapidly accelerate as our ICO launches and we meet our minimum capital raise.

Which wallets can be used to store and purchase Horizon tokens?

You MUST use an erc20 compatible wallet to purchase tokens. This same wallet will store the tokens.   Some examples of ERC20 compatible wallets as of Dec. 2017 include but are not limited to: Mist - MyEtherWallet - Nano Hardware Wallet -

What kind of information do I need to provide to participate in token sale?

In order to maintain compliance with current and future regulatory requirements in the country of Bermuda we require name, address and identification for any token buyers.

Will the unsold tokens be burned?

Unsold tokens will either be burned or distributed to future token buyers.  They will not be distributed to the Team or to anyone who has not purchased them with Ethereum.

What is the min/max purchase for the ICO? Which exchanges will it be on?

The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH. There is no maximum other than the hard cap which is 100,000 ETH. We ask that anything over $10,000 USD in a transaction be communicated to us directly so we can ensure necessary compliance. Those instructions will be on the website. We are discussing our listing with a few exchanges now. Most exchanges want to see serious activity in your Ico sale before they're willing to list you on the site. My opinion at…

Are there any restrictions on selling to Canadians?

There are no restrictions for Canadians purchasing tokens

Are there any restrictions on selling to US Citizens?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to sell to US Citizens unless they are an accredited investor. We hope that will change in the future.

Do we need to sign up for presale?

No, however pre-registration is strongly encouraged. If you are interested in a large purchase please contact us in advance of presale starting.  You will have to submit your name, physical address and photo id during the purchase process.  Please be prepared by having a digital copy of your identification available.  All buyers MUST comply with our KYC requirements in order to participate.  Further details will be listed on the website.

Can we buy with credit card?

We are exploring solutions however at this time we do not accept credit card purchases.

What Crypto currency will you accept?  

We prefer Ethereum, however we currently plan to accept a variety of cryptocurrency that can be convert using who is our payment processor.( You MUST have an ERC20 / Ethereum address and use an ERC20 wallet such as , the Mist Wallet, the Nano hardware wallet

Are there any bounty programs?

Yes we will have a comprehensive bounty program. Horizon has bounty program where 5% (paid in ETH) of a purchase is rewarded to the referrer. You can access this bounty program via the dashboard when logged into the site. It will be available on and potentially other sites.

Explain Horizon’s Legal Structure?

Horizon is a legally formed company based in Bermuda and will be regulated by Bermuda laws. As we expand we will also be compliant with the requirements of countries we operate in.

How are you handling KYC and AML?

KYC (know your customer) regulations are being complied with on a voluntary basis so that Horizon maintains as much compliance with current and future regulations as possible. This requires us to gather basic information on token buyers such as name, address and photo id. AML (anti-money laundry) regulations require us to run checks on every incoming address that buys tokens from Horizon. For both services, we will be partnering with blockchain companies, part of our commitment to this growing industry.

Most ICO’s are stating that US citizens cannot purchase their tokens. Will it be the same for yours?

Yes, unfortunately, due to the current regulatory environment, we cannot sell to non-accredited US Investors.